George used the Force to push through.....

You are trying to write a movie script and for days on end you sit looking at a blank piece of paper and only manage to write a page a day?

The batteries in the robots you created were dead and refused to work?

You lose your best special-effects guy on the shoot and can only do half of what you had hoped for knowing the scenes will only be half as good as what you had hoped for?

The eighty-four-day shoot ran twenty out-of-control, expensive days over schedule?

The studio you had hoped would back you showed little or no interest and didn't believe in your project, claiming the genre was dead?

One of your main actors kept falling over and getting injured because he couldn't see where he was going in his robot suit?

You decided to kill off one of your big heroes as you started making the film and had to break the news to him?

Unexpected rain flooded the set and caused further financial damage?

Your main actors don't like your script so they ad lib and change lines without telling you?

You feel drained, exhausted and lack belief in yourself and the whole project?

What would you do... if, after all this, you decided to go ahead and make the film, and it would be called Star Wars and your name would be George Lucas?

As I skimmed through George Lucas’s autobiography recently, I was flabbergasted by how many setbacks he endured to bring Star Wars to the screen. It is one of many stories that could be quoted about those who had a dream and persevered to bring it to fruition. George Lucas was somebody who could see the end outcome in his heart. He knew how Star Wars would feel and look and sound while others around him lacked the same belief and vision. 

George Lucas was able to see his objective in his mind and didn’t allow the things directly in front of him to trip him up and cause him to stumble or lose his vision. It is so important to see your end in mind rather than tripping up over our immediate obstacles. Keep pushing through….