Dads parting gifts

It has now been a few years since my dad passed away. It is an extraordinary task in life to deal with saying goodbye to anyone special and my dad was no different. As I reflect I share with you the six parting gifts he left with me which I hope may mean a little something to you?

Active participation – There is only one failure in life I believe we can make and that is the failure to participate. Dad was never one to sit back and criticise others. He was the man in the arena actively doing things right to the end. He was an incredible visionary with a gift for seeing numbers and into the future when many of us aren’t able to see in tomorrow. From his participation in life I am encouraged to be active in everything I do. Life is not about sitting back and giving people a hard time but moreover if I see there is an opportunity to do something better…get involved and fix it.  

Have time for a funny – Dad taught me that even if your world feels like it is tense and falling apart at the seams, a joke or a funny reflection always makes everything a bit better. I find that making light of things helps me and those around me get through…Dad was my model for a funny moment.

Don’t sweat the small stuff or the BIG stuff – Dad through living his life taught me a patience which you can’t grab off the shelf. He was never angry or raised his voice. He didn’t worry ….he may have been stressed many times but through his calm quiet and caring way he would always see a way through. I watched him face several significant adversity’s and adversary’s and he always come through. He made it look easy which was an inspiration to me and many others who knew him

Give it away –  Dad was a giver and a contributor. He gave of his time, his wealth and his abilities freely to anyone who asked. There are countless stories of family and friends and people in the wider business community whom he gave of his time. Through dad I have learnt the power of contribution and what it means to give. Through dad I have learned that the times i am operating at my best and my joy is truly complete is when I am active in the service of others. That is when dad truly thrived. I realised through knowing him it wasn’t about the title or the job or the money. It was about contributing to something he felt was worthwhile and being the best you could be at it so in the end he and everyone else could benefit from that. 

Take time for the most important person – To dad this person was my mum! He may not have said it in so many words to her but I know that the simple things in life were everything to dad. Sitting watching a game show on TV, sharing a funny story, going out for a coffee or sitting in the front room in watching the sunset. Who is your most important person?

Run your own race – There is no question my dad ran his own race. He ran it to the full and he had a wonderful life. He touched many people and he made the world a better place by his contribution. He had that determination of spirit and an exceptional focus about him. He was incredibly flexible in his attitude and would openly say there are two ways of doing things…You can do it my way or you can do it Kerry Hoggard’s way. Dad always worked best with a committee of one…. dad.