We have heard Andrew speak…..

Andrew recently spoke to 200 of our delegates at the Association of Building Compliance annual conference in Auckland. Andrew shared some of his business success stories alongside his personal reflection on overcoming obstacles in his own brick wall. We experienced extremely positive and enthusiastic feedback from Andrew’s presentation with many delegates saying that it not only resonated with their business lives but there were personal takeaways for all who attended. The room came alive straight after lunch and rather than the carbs kicking in, everyone was saying Andrew was amazing and how much they loved his talk!– Irma Klein | Association Manager for the Association of Building and Compliance

Recently I invited Andrew to address us at Splice Evening Talks, a community-centred public series held in Central Auckland. Although Andrew normally works with business audiences, he had absolutely no trouble in adapting his presentation to our mixed, and mostly non-professional group. His principles of living a conviction-centred approach to excellence, plus the attitudes and strategies he offers for breaking through the walls that sometimes hinder us, obviously resonated with the audience, and several shared personal stories of their desires and struggles afterwards. Andrew’s personal style is warm, often funny, energetic, and most of all very real – he speaks from his heart and is unafraid to be honest about his own struggles. This generates a safe and friendly atmosphere where we all felt comfortable to ‘buy in’ to the ideas he shared. His powerpoint presentation was sharp and the whole experience was totally professional while at the same time being as relaxed as sitting in the living room together. I’d highly recommend Business From The Heart for any group who desire to be motivated to reach their best - Mark Laurent | Event Facilitator, Splice Auckland

Goleman Group were looking for a unique type of sales trainer. We wanted to engage somebody who could deliver the mix of the skills for our team to train, motivate and inspire us at our national meeting. We chose Andrew and we were certainly pleased with the decision we made. For over four and a half hours Andrew delivered high energy and thought-provoking key takeaways for both our personal and business lives. One part of the workshop which we received a particularly great benefit was working on our company story. Andrew challenged us to come up with a simple and effective story as to who we are to our customers and what we can do for them. The whole team are thrilled to have a takeaway like this and it’s part of ensuring each conversation with our clients will be relevant and meaningful. Thank you Andrew – you have made a difference to our team! - Giral Bhutwala/National Business Development Manager | Goleman Group

Huge thank you to Andrew for delivering a highly engaging training sales experience to our teams at Millbrook Resort. It was an insightful and thought provoking interactive workshop filled with humour, storytelling and inspirational moments. The teams identified great opportunities for continuous improvement within the business and look forward to Andrew’s return for future learning and development opportunities. Furthermore, Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and was able to tailor the workshop to meet individual needs and covered all areas brilliantly. - Katie Church|Human Resources Manager Milbrook Resort

Andrew recently was the Keynote Speaker at one of our client’s annual conference. Andrew was greatly received by the audience and was a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with Andrew again, and would recommend him for any franchisee conference. - Victoria Wales | Business Director at HOT Events

Registered Master Builders Auckland Branch engaged Andrew to speak at our inaugural summit in Auckland. We chose Andrew because we wanted him to provide our delegates with insights into improving communication in the workplace and to share some of his life insights from the stage. Using humour, storytelling and great audience participation Andrew entertained, enlightened and gave us some great take homes on four predominant personalities and doing life better both at work and home. We would warmly recommend Andrew to anyone seeking a thought provoking, entertaining and 'real' professional speaker for their next meeting.  - Ali Glover|Event Co-ordinator/Master Builders Association

Rothbury Insurance Brokers hosted their domestic conference recently and we engaged Andrew Hoggard for his professional speaking abilities. Andrew came highly recommended and he  researched our company prior to meeting us; ensuring he was aligned with our vision and values.  We discussed in detail our desired outcomes and the journey he would like to take our people on.  Andrew delivered with an incredibly uplifting and inspiring energy, exceeding our expectations by far.  He was completely engaging, motivational, inspiring and professional. His keynote was captivating and thoroughly entertaining as he presented to our staff from across New Zealand.  

 We were blown away by the response from our employees by how much they appreciated and enjoyed Andrew’s presentation.  It was most certainly the highlight of our conference.  Two months on and our people are still talking about him and reiterating the positive affirmations which were part of Andrews teachings. We are very thankful to Andrew for joining us and will most certainly be engaging with him again in the near future. - Brigitte Windsor|National Domestic Manager/ Rothbury Insurance Brokers

I invited Andrew to come and speak to our team of oral health professionals at our professional development team day here in Northland. Andrew speaks from his own life experiences and lessons with energy and purpose: more importantly he speaks from the heart, which opens up a unique channel of communication and interaction with his audience. Most speakers inform and persuade the mind: there are only a few talented speakers who can engage the heart, body, soul and mind all at the same time. Andrew’s storytelling is relaxing and enjoyable, encouraging the listener to reflect on his or her own worldviews, beliefs and values. Thank you Andrew for sharing your life and your world with us. Neil Croucher | Principal Dental Officer, Northland Oral Health Service

RUBY Apparel were after a motivational speaker to engage our sales and leadership team, during our two day manager seminar in Auckland. As the team are dealing with different personalities on a daily basis, we wanted to provide them with a greater understanding of people, personalities and to deepen the experience for our customers. We invited Andrew and Kyleigh Hoggard to our seminar, to speak to our team and they delivered a heart-warming, insightful and memorable experience to the whole team. They had our team engaged from the very start to end. We now have new insights to communicate more effectively with each other and our customers. I can highly recommend Andrew for your team event if you are looking for an engaging sales trainer and speaker. - Hannah Fiddes|Head of Retail, RUBY NZ

Andrew spoke at our Take 5 community group which was a morning engagement consisting of an audience of different ages and backgrounds. At the end of his message the room was buzzing as everyone was encouraged and inspired. Andrew spoke on hitting the brick wall and finding a way to navigate through our circumstances which  was so well received. Andrew relates to his audience with humour and stories. He is very transparent which makes him so relatable. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew as a guest speaker for your next event. - Stephanie McCulloch | Host - Take 5 Community

Sydney Catholic Schools Finance Team were hosting the  annual team leadership day and we asked Andrew to commence our day with a motivational keynote. Andrew fulfilled our brief completely delivering over an hour and a half of fun packed energy, new insight into life and business and an engaging message from the heart.  We were able to employ many takeaways from his presentation for our team planning day and the team were left inspired, re energised with great memories from the overall day. I can highly recommend Andrew for your next team event or conference…you are in safe hands!  - Glenn McLachlan | Director of System Stewardship Sydney Catholic Schools

Andrew Hoggard ran a 2-day conference for us in Sydney with our national sales team. On day one Andrew delivered his inspiring keynote address, Business from the Heart. On day two he presented a specifically tailored sales training workshop for our industry which is specialised implants for Dentistry. We chose Andrew because he speaks from the heart with relevance to his audience and he fully understood our brief. Our team were inspired to think differently and grasp new tools to help us plan for growth and relate to our customers in a deeper way. The keynote and workshop delivered by Andrew were excellent foundations for the start of our business year. We can highly recommend and endorse Andrew to anyone seeking an energised presenter with a depth of business experience who uses humour, insight and expert insights to touch the hearts and minds of his audience - Howard Pogorelsky and Bruce McDowell | Management team - Southern Implants Australia and New Zealand

Andrew thanks for finding the time to present to our management team at short notice. It was the perfect start to our 2 day strategy session. As you know, CSL operates in a “Trade” space and your clear, direct and well-articulated message met the non-corporate brief. This gave the team a refreshing cornerstone on which to base our 2 day strategic meeting. We all felt excited and challenged about who we could be and with your opening words, we now are challenged about who we will be. - Derek Burgess | Director / CSL Infrastructure

Business from the Heart is who Andrew is. The only risk you have is Andrew will infect you or your team with an energy not experienced before. Insightful, challenging and seriously engaging. Andrew will captive an audience of one on one or cast of thousands. - Daryn Bungey

I have had the pleasure of hearing Andrew Hoggard twice now. Both times I was personally challenged and inspired to look at my life and consider my steps from a business and commercial perspective. Business From the Heart is warm and funny and yet cuts to a deep place unlike any other presentation. I can confidently recommend engaging Andrew for your next event as a keynote speaker. You won’t be disappointed – Dr John Hale | BDS, MSc (London), FIC

I would like to thank you for the wonderful lectures that you gave today. They were really inspirational and hit home to me. Things have not gone to plan for me this year, but your talk really grounded me, reminded me of what I am, who I am but more importantly Why…It really gave me hope and renewed the passion in me. – NSW Dentist

Andrew trained our sales team at our annual sales meeting. His 3 hour presentation was not only high energy and engaging but it was practical and life changing. All of my team commented how much they enjoyed it and look forward to implementing the practical business and life skills he imparts. Andrews sales training sessions are inclusive with group discussions and thought provoking in the way he explores well researched principles with a new flair. He met my brief perfectly and I warmly recommend him to be in front of your team giving them the nudge they need. It will make a positive difference – Christine Bell | Marketing Director Oraltec

Andrew speaks to the heart from the heart. Gifted with natural energy and vitality, Andrew draws his audience in to share his message … he knows this space from his own long experience in business and life itself. Vibrant images and clear messages we are all familiar with, are presented, that resonate with new energy and meaning as we re-discover what it really is all about. Open your heart to Andrew and be inspired not just motivated, to become the author of your own true self. Give the gift of yourself to your world and truly be alive with all its possibilities. Thank you Andrew. - John Hamilton | BDS

When Andrew Hoggard starts his presentation with “Im not here to motivate you” …… don’t believe him. I have been very fortunate to have secured Andrew as the guest speaker at dental clinical forums to present his series of “Business from the heart” and “Life from the heart “.   It is without fail that he takes his audience on a roller coaster ride of emotions that has them laughing one minute, crying the next and absolutely motivated and inspired to be the best person they can possibly be by the end of his time with them.

I have sat in the audience where the numbers were in the hundreds and I have also been part of an intimate group of 10. Regardless of the size of the audience, Andrew fills the room with his energy so that it embraces its occupants and takes them on a journey that they will always remember. He fills their hearts and fills their heads with the possibilities, hopes and realities that life has to offer, he inspires his audience to pick life up in their hands, examine it , review it and improve it. To this day when organising clinical forums the most common request I have is “When can we get Andrew back?” Life isn’t measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away. This is one moment you won’t want to miss.  - Marena Oldfield | Sales Specialist NSW

Business from the heart presented by Andrew Hoggard is a meaningful passionate and inspiring experience that words can not express.  The enthusiasm that Andrew expresses and the unique performance is captivating. The audience were holding their breath in anticipation to every word that Andrew delivered. A truly amazing event that will stay with you long after you leave and will change your way of approaching things you'll do in the future. – Scott Taylor | Elite Engraving NSW

Andrew Hoggard – Motivational Speaker PLUS….Vibrant, entertaining  with a meaningful message a unique talent to engage his audience immediately and hold them till the end. Andrew is a powerful speaker in both a small intimate group of 10 or an auditorium of 250 plus. Combining music,video, humour and real life experiences Andrew’s tailored presentations hit the mark – time and time again – it was such a pleasure to work with him as keynote speaker for several of my clients – Andrew was a hit whether presenting to front desk staff, sales professionals , managers or Principal Dentists .  Feedback from audience and clients - always a positive with many return requests to book Andrew in for next conference or another department. “Business” from the Heart is of such a calibre that the audience will comment that they are walking away with something that they can apply to their everyday personal life as well as their business life. - Lorraine Wilson | Business Manager NSW

On behalf of my colleagues and myself we would like to thank you and your team so much for your presentation at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. We thoroughly enjoyed our time during your presentation, your positive attitude, your high level of skills and knowledge, making people laugh and sometime cry,  positive outlook of life, overall something that could not be found in every presenter. So once again, thank you for everything and hope to see you again next year. Kind Regards Roya Kavoossi

Andrew inspired me to follow my dreams and continue until I fulfill it. – NSW Health Seminar Participant

Andrew Hoggard is so uplifting from the heart and soul. Thank you, he was the best. He made me cry, can we have him again? – NSW Seminar Participant

Thank you for the truly stimulating presentation and for bringing and sharing your passion, enthusiasm and experience with our clinical/non-clinical staff. I don’t recall the last time I saw our staff so engaged. By any measure you are a very effective speaker and educator. It’s nice to have an expert like yourself in our “backyard” We are sincerely grateful for this opportunity. Inspiration, positive thinking is just what we need – Westmead Hospital Clinical day organiser

We thoroughly enjoyed our time during your presentation, your positive attitude, your high level of skills and knowledge, making people laugh and sometimes cry, your positive outlook on life, overall is something that could not be found in every presenter. – Seminar Participant

I just wanted to mention how much I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation yesterday. A roller coaster of emotions however you had the audience thoroughly entertained whilst still educating them for 2 hours! Congratulations on a fantastic presentation. – Sharon Morrison GC Corporation

 It was pleasure to watch you and your enthusiasm for what you are doing. All I could hear today was how good and interesting that lecture was. – Australian CPA Seminar Participant

 I wanted to thank you for providing our group with so many wonderful points for them to think about and incorporate into their private and professional lives. I have received so much positive feedback from the staff who are still talking about different aspects of your presentation. – Australian CPA Seminar Participant

I just wanted to extend a huge thank you to you for taking the time to speak to all of us. I loved how you made the talk so engaging and at our level. – Australian CPA Seminar Participant

I think you captured exactly what so many of us forget too easily in the business world or simply overlook. I actually went home and explained both concepts to my Dad who runs his own business and he completely agreed with the CHEERS experience! – Australian CPA Seminar Participant