Current Keynotes for your team

Business from the Heart– Education doesn’t change your behaviour. Find out ways to live your life and engage your teams from the heart and make a change today.

Dads Parting Gifts– We all have a father! My dad was an inspiration to me. Share in his six parting gifts that will bring change to your personal and business life

Bricks and Business– Wellness is a growing concern for all employers and families.  Andrew shares his personal story of confronting the bricks in his own wall and how he found a breakthrough in a tale of personal application and inspiration.

 Andrews inspires others with a call to action. He shares life changing principles of self-discovery applicable to work and home.


Partnering with Andrew

We all know the right thing to do however education doesn’t change your behaviour. Real transformation in business and life take place when the heart and mind are in sync. Andrew shares simple yet life changing principles that will stimulate a change in thinking and draw the best from your team.  You will be thinking and acting differently during his compelling presentations.