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Why I love to speak….

In my 35 years of sales and leadership, I discovered that education does not change your behaviour. As an example the doctor who sits in front of his patient and says do not smoke, it is bad for you. Then while the patient is paying their bill he is out the back lighting up. Why does he do that? In his head he knows the right thing to do (education) but it has never transferred to his heart....

 That’s why I developed Business from the Heart specifically for organisations who are fed up with spending money on training programs that don’t work and only speak to what you already know. 

 Unlike so many other speakers and trainers who focus on techniques and programs, I focus on the ‘heart’ of your business so that the things you already know become the things that you believe and act upon. We all know the right thing to do but we don't change our lives until there is a synchronisation of the things in your head with the ignition of your heart to get things started. This is the secret to achieving full engagement for you and your team in your business….

 Thats what I do....

About Andrew….

Andrew Hoggard is a powerful communicator and author who delivers inspirational keynote presentations throughout Australasia. He has extensive experience speaking to intimate to large sized audiences. 

His 36-year career in healthcare sales and management is a story of success, failures and personal breakthrough. He emigrated to Australia and led the merger of Halas Dental and Henry Schein Regional to form Henry Schein Halas. (A Fortune 500 company) in 2006. Andrew has continued leading businesses across Australia and New Zealand and is passionate in presenting his unique thoughts on life, business and personal change.   

Andrew engages audiences by sharing his life stories and sales experiences with tools and concepts which bring out the best in people. He demonstrates how to see your life and business in a different way, a way in which you can navigate a way forward and make great changes in your life

Andrew is an Accredited Member of the Professional Speakers Association of New Zealand.