Having the eyes for tomorrow

We all experience adversity in our lives. Hardships and difficult times wash over us in all sorts of ways and can affect the way we see our future.

Recently my family and I have experienced a trying time, and without going into details I found myself thinking about the change that occurred because of some news we received, which came as a shock. At first things looked dark, but today we're starting to see light and encouragement, and that this has actually been an experience that's brought us unexpected joy.

 In the midst of this trial I was in a café in Dunedin and noticed a young lady and her dad sitting near me. I felt an urge to speak to her and as they left the café I reached out and shared my story, which brought a few tears, and then the young lady opened up to me. She told me she had been to hospital with significant back pain and had just come from a CT scan and was very concerned about her future. We were able to share stories and I assured her that ‘having eyes for tomorrow’ will bring hope to her. She left with a smile on her face.

One of the central focuses of ‘Business from the Heart’ is the reality that we can all experience breakthrough in our lives. The picture I have on my business card is of a brick wall with a heart shaped hole in it. It reminds me every day that even if the wall in front of you looks too high and impenetrable there is always a way through. One of the keys I have found is to set my eyes on tomorrow. The setbacks that loom in front of us, even though they may seem monumental, are only momentary if you are able to have eyes that look for tomorrow…..