What we advertise

We are all expressing something outwardly to our community around us and the world we live in. This outward expression is like a form of advertising. The things we carry (both good and bad) are like a form of advertising of the human condition. Unfortunately, in many cases we are often advertising stress to others. It’s interesting that we are so attracted to stress when we also have the option of patience available to avoid our hearts being troubled. Personally, I find patience so much more compelling and appealing than to advertise a life of stress. However sometimes that easier to say than do…

 If we pause to think it is likely that everything that comes out of our mouths is advertising something, I wonder what I’m advertising at times….?

 What about patience?

 How many situations do you have around your life right now that are frustrating? I’m sure if you are like me, there could be many potential moments that could be frustrating. When we say ‘I’m so frustrated’, I have realised that I don’t understand that patience is way more powerful. I have realised that I don’t need patience when things are going well however when things are frustrating patience is available to me. 

 Isn’t that an interesting concept that patience is more powerful than frustration?

 It occurs to me that when I am expressing my frustration I am really saying I’m not clever enough right now to actually practice patience. I don’t realise that patience is the antidote to a situation with a person or situation. I may experience a great chance to practice patience and I blow it and I keep blowing it because I’m always frustrated. Therefore, when I hear somebody and they are always frustrated about something or they’re legitimising their stress, I realise I am listening to someone who just doesn’t get it. For instance, people who are always angry. What they are advertising is they don’t know how to be kind, gentle. 

 My learning from this is to recognise my frustrations and choose to practice patience instead of giving in to the unreasonable requests of frustration. When I can successfully do this, I will be living a life that inwardly and outwardly advertises patience.

 I realise we can say who we are by what we choose to advertise to everyone around us. Let’s advertise patience today…