A Revelatory or Redundant Imagination

Alfred Hitchcock was known as a master of enlivening the human imagination in his films. His suspenseful motion pictures took the viewers on a journey that was ‘revelatory’ often showing nothing and yet causing the mind of the viewer to spellbound as images were painted in your mind. He had the masterful knack of storytelling that caused you to journey with him painting your own pictures rather than his own.

 Let’s shift forward to today where everything around is played before us in ‘computer generated obviousness’ leaving the mind of the participant in this life somewhat ‘redundant’. We are provided with answers to solutions without having to think, we are rapidly losing the ability to read books and our device usage is increasing by the day further taking away our individual imaginative ability. We are living in a time that takes from us rather than gives and leaves us more disconnected from each other in a supposedly connected world…

 It occurred to me that we have allowed our imaginations to go from being ‘revelatory to redundant’. 

 However, I truly believe all of this can be turned around one person at a time. With this in mind, I choose a week ahead to find a book, tell a story from my heart, dive into the depth of a song and enjoy something wonderful in nature….How about you?