much little fun

What do you do for fun at your work?

For me, I have dressed as Elvis, a chicken, walked into a restaurant in a giant baby costume, the Doc from Back to the future and so much more. Why did I do that I hear you say?

I remember saying to my financial officer....’I am here too long to not have fun’. However I think we all aware that business is tough and it demands a lot of you. It can distract you from yourself and draw you away from who you really are because of the serious demands it can place on your life.

I found the teams I work with loved to see my humanity, my frailties and my love for fun. It brought us closer together and the by product of unity is productivity. I encourage you to bring elements of yourself into your work.You don't have to dress as Elvis but its ok for you to enjoy what you do. It’s ok to let the guard down and share your heart and most importantly those 40 plus hours per work deserve some fun.

(Photo: The Staunch Elvis)

Work...a lot of time a lot of fun.png