If you build it.....

Field of Dreams is a magical film and is certainly one of my all-time favourites. The concept of baseball players from times past coming together to play ‘the game’ in a farmer’s field of corn captured the imagination of the world when it first came out. 

Tonight, as I watched it again, I drew more from the underlying theme of restoration in the film. What if you got the opportunity to apologise to your dad, make up with a lost love or make right with somebody you hurt is something everyone longs for I am sure? 

I met a barman who told me a story of regret about his own dad whom he had a broken relationship with. As his life unravelled over the counter he told me a tale of abuse from the bottle and words that had cut him deep over time. He was in no mood to offer forgiveness or even connect despite the fact that his dad was offering to give him half of a significant lottery win. My advice to him was regardless of the cash, go see him, he is your dad and you are his son. You have that in common. It is never too late to make things right…..

If you have the opportunity to mend a broken place in your life, do it!

If you build it he will come…..

If you build it.jpg