Walking down YOUR highway

In the last few months I have experienced two types of loss. They have been both personal and commercial loss and I write this not for sympathy, moreover to share my discovery’s along the way.

The first road sign I came to was letting go of the past. I realised that before anything new could take place in my life I needed to let go of hurts, disappointments, feelings of insecurity and many other things that I am sure we have all experienced. Letting go for all of us is extremely difficult and I do believe if we have nothing in our future plan it makes the past even more difficult to surrender….

This is where my second road sign that I came across that has been more meaningful and significant to keep propelling me forward. I realised that for my road to unravel in addition to letting go I actually had to make conscious steps to move forward with clear intentions.

Things that I found useful in doing this were….

Having somebody to talk to. It doesn’t matter if it’s your family, loved ones or a close colleague or friend. I think the key is finding somebody you can trust to confide your heart in and meet with them regularly or at least catch up by phone.

Making a plan. Coming up with your new direction and a great clue I found here was staying close to your existing network of people. Again they may be friends you grew up with or colleagues from the industry you are in? Who is your network?

Start walking. Each day make intentional steps forward into the new direction your heart is taking you. This may include research, talking to people or applying for new roles. If you do this you will experience the reward of moving forward. It is very gratifying to feel the forward motion urging you on.

And finally do things for you. I realised its ok to do things for me that were good for my heart and totally non-work related. It may be that walk along the beach, the coffee you deserve or the movie you have wanted to see for ages. You are important. Do things just for you and enjoy the reward!

I trust if you are having trouble letting go of something that these simple tools may be of use to you in walking forward with clear intentions …